Item #5710, Tuscany Dining Table Base

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Tuscany Dining Table Base




30 inches


30 inches


29 inches

Design History

Our Tuscany collection is inspired by the iron furniture produced in Tuscany, Italy. Long considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Tuscany region of Italy is renowned for its rich, artistic legacy. The region’s cultural heritage features timeless contributions by some of the grand masters of art, literature and music including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante and Puccini. For centuries, the master furniture makers of the Tuscany region have produced various styles of wrought iron furniture ranging from Gothic to neo-classical. Furniture and decorative works featuring these classic designs continue to adorn estates and formal gardens throughout the Mediterranean coastal areas.

Product FAQs

Customizable? Yes!  This product can be customized to your exact requirements.
Material Options? Iron, Galvanized Iron & Aluminum.  We recommend aluminum for outdoor installations. 
Standard Colors? Price includes your choice from our 15 standard color per our current color chart.
Optional Colors? Over 3000 non-standard colors available at an additional charge. 
Construction? All welded construction. 
Installation? Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. 
Glass? Inset Glass for display only, not included.